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How to Apply

The next round of applications will open on December 1, 2023 and close on January 31, 2024. If you are considering applying, please schedule a consultation for November or December.
  1. Preparation

    Authors are encouraged to review the subvention guidelines and the open access cheat sheet, which summarizes what makes a book project a good fit for a particular publication format. Authors are also strongly advised to schedule a consultation with the Senior Associate Director for Publishing at the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry prior to submitting an application.
  2. Application

    Authors must complete and submit the application form with supporting documentation via email to The documentation should be collected into a single PDF and include:

    • EITHER a signed publication contract OR a letter of interest from the publisher, on publisher letterhead, stating its intent to publish the book and the level of support expected to make the work open. The letter should also describe the publisher’s plans for distribution and marketing of the open monograph, as well as any significant deviations from guidelines. Non-AUPresses members must also articulate their review and editorial selection processes and confirm their capacity to produce and market an open digital monograph to a high standard;
    • a one-page statement from the author explaining how the project would benefit from open access (and, where applicable, enhanced digital) publication, with particular regard to reaching potential public or nonacademic audiences;
    • a copy of the book proposal (where a digital presence already exists, a link should be provided);
    • [where peer review has already taken place] copies of all readers’ reports as well as a copy of any author response.
  3. Review

    The Dean of Faculty for ECAS will review each application to consider its alignment with the objectives of the program, and to ensure that a thorough peer review of the book has been or will be conducted, and that the publisher is prepared to execute the publication in a way consistent with the eligibility standards.

  4. Announcement

    The author will receive a letter announcing the result of the application. If approved, the letter of award will outline any contingencies to be addressed prior to the release of funding.
  5. Release of Subsidy

    Funding is released after the book has been approved by the publisher’s editorial board and upon presentation of: (1) a signed publication contract between the author and the publisher, (2) a signed agreement between Emory and the publisher, and (3) an invoice from the publisher.