Prepare for a Consultation

We look forward to hearing about your project and offering guidance toward its successful publication. Please feel free to bring to (or share in advance of) the meeting any materials that will help us understand your project as fully as possible—including journal articles, presentations, or digital materials.

Below are a few other questions or points to consider as you think about publishing in a digital environment. We'll discuss the relevant issues during our initial meeting.

  • Open access monographs can take a variety of forms. Which type aligns most closely with your current vision for the project?

  • Are there existing digital projects that particularly resonate with you or that use features you might like to explore in your own project?

  • What might a digital publication allow you to do that is not possible in a print book? For example, do you have primary sources or audiovisual materials that could be integrated with or linked to your main text? Do you have research results that might benefit from display in an interactive map, timeline, or visualization?

  • What is your comfort level with working in a digital environment? Are you open to collaborating with a team?

  • What do you need professionally from this publication? Do you have concerns about a digital book’s reception by your tenure or promotion committee? Is having a printed book important to you for other reasons? (Note that printed books are not incompatible with publishing an open access e-book.)