Emory Publishing Resources

In addition to the Digital Publishing in the Humanities initiative, sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Emory offers a variety of resources to assist in the development and publication of faculty’s digital scholarship.

Manuscript/Project Development

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

ECDS offers consultations and seed funds for initiating open access digital projects. Additional funding may be necessary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. ECDS may also collaborate with a university press on book projects with a digital component. (See Sounding Spirit, a collaboration between the University of North Carolina Press and ECDS.)

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Scholarly Writing and Publishing Fund

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence offers a grant program to offset the costs of professional editorial support for a range of project types, including book manuscripts and digital scholarship. Funds are not restricted to open access publications.

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Publication Assistance

Emory College Subvention for Scholarly Books

Provides funding for books under contract with a scholarly publisher to offset such production costs as permissions fees, copyediting, and indexing. Funds are not restricted to open access publications

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Model Publishing Contract for Digital Scholarship

Developed by the Scholarly Communications Office of Emory Libraries in collaboration with University of Michigan Publishing, the model publishing contract is a modular and customizable template designed to help navigate the unique legal challenges of publishing digital and open access projects.

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Open Access Publishing Fund

Administered by the Scholarly Communications Office of Emory Libraries, this fund assists with publication fees for open access journals and books. Funds are available to Emory faculty, post-docs, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students, with reimbursement of up to $1,500. The final publication must be submitted to the OpenEmory repository.

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Evaluation of Digital Scholarship

Memorandum from the Emory College Humanities Council regarding the Evaluation of Digital Scholarship (2013)

This memo affirms the significance of digital scholarship in the humanities and outlines Emory College's criteria for evaluation. The memo appears as appendix D within the "Principles and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure for Emory College of Arts and Sciences."