Director: Walter S. Melion 
Executive Director: Keith Anthony
Program Coordinator: Amy Erbil
Fellows Coordinator: Colette Barlow 

VW Foundation Fellowship Information: Astrid M. Eckert 

Juliette Apkarian

Associate Professor of Russian and East European Studies 
Deepika Bahri
Associate Professor of English
Angelika Bammer
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and German
Elizabeth Bounds
Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Candler School of Theology and the Graduate Division of Religion
Stephen Crist
Associate Professor of Music History
Timothy Dowd
Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
Eric Goldstein
Associate Professor of History and Judith London Evans Director of the Tam Institute for Jewish Studies
Cathryn Johnson
Senior Associate Dean of Laney Graduate School and Professor of Sociology
Steve Kraftchick
Professor of the Practice of New Testament Interpretation, Candler School of Theology and the Graduate Division of Religion
Gary Laderman
Chair, Department of Religion and Goodrich C. White Professor of American Religious History and Cultures
Valerie Loichot
Professor of French and English
Hiram Maxim
Professor and Chair, Department of German Studies
Mark Risjord
Professor of Philosophy and Nursing and Director of the Institute for the Liberal Arts
Karen Stolley
Professor of Spanish
Leslie Taylor
Professor of Theater Studies and Executive Director of the Center for Creativity & Arts
Brian Vick
Professor of History

Martine W. Brownley
Goodrich C. White Professor of English and Fox Center Director
Keith Anthony
Fox Center Executive Director


From its inception, the Center has depended on the courageous and visionary leadership of outstanding members of the Humanities Faculty. They have been generous with their time and experience, and we would like to thank those who have served on the Executive Committee and contributed so much to the success of the Center.

Walter L. Adamson  History
Carol Anderson  African American Studies
Geoffrey Bennington  French and Italian 
Matthew Bernstein  Film and Media Studies
David F. Bright  Classics and Comparative Literature
Julia Bullock  Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures  
María Mercedes Carrión  Spanish and Portuguese 
Alan Cienki  The Institute of the Liberal Arts
Vincent Cornell  Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies  
Kevin Corrigan  The Institute of the Liberal Arts 
Joseph Crespino  History
Michael Elliott  English 
David Eltis  History 
Mikhail Epstein  Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Steven Everett  Music 
Thomas Flynn  Philosophy 
Frances Smith Foster English and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies 
Jim Grimsley  Creative Writing 
Pamela Hall  Religion 
Leslie Harris  History and African American Studies 
Lynne Huffer  Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Dalia Judovitz  French and Italian 
Tong Soon Lee  Music   
Sarah McPhee  Art History
James Meyer  Art History 
Carole Meyers  Emory College
Michael Moon  The Institute of the Liberal Arts
Gordon D. Newby  Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies 
Carol Newsom  Candler School of Theology
Laura Otis  English
Laurie L. Patton  Religion 
Louise Pratt  Classics
Polly Price  Law
Les Real  Biology
Walter Reed  English  
Jill Robbins  Religion
Mark Sanders  English and African American Studies
Ronald Schuchard  English 
Niall Slater  Classics
Devin Stewart  Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Randy Strahan  Political Science
Garth Tissol  Classics
Allen Tullos  History
Donald Tuten  Spanish and Portuguese  
Deborah Elise White  English
Yanna Yannakakis  History
Jack Zupko  Philosophy