About Us


The Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (FCHI) was established from a long-term initiative sparked by grassroots advocacy of faculty members, forwarded by the Humanities Council, and concluded by a Planning Committee appointed in Fall 2000 by the College and Graduate School Deans. The originators envisioned a Center that promotes individual research, while also increasing the impact of the humanities across the University and ultimately on Atlanta, the region, and the nation.

The FCHI capitalizes on two of Emory's strengths: excellent humanities Departments and Programs, and longstanding institutional commitments to interdisciplinary research and teaching. Programmatic activities at the Center combine Emory's disciplinary and inter-disciplinary strengths to better serve all of the humanities. With our encouragement of the best scholarship and teaching, along with our emphasis on a broad and liberating conception of the humanities as a whole as well as specialized research in diverse fields, the FCHI stands for the central role of the humanities in the life of Emory University and beyond.

Mission Statement

The FCHI is a focal point for humanities endeavors at Emory University and serves to advance research and teaching, overall, in the humanities. The FCHI serves both those trained in the humanities and also others in the University who are interested in humanistic issues. The FCHI is dedicated to providing occasions and spaces for encouraging intellectual community and scholarship across disciplines.

Support of Research and Scholarship in the Humanities

In addition to offering broad general support to those engaged in humanistic research across the University, the FCHI runs an annual Fellows Program. A President's Fellow, Senior Fellows, and Dissertation Completion Fellows from Emory, as well as Post-Doctoral Fellows selected from other institutions, are supported for an academic year of research and scholarship. FCHI Fellows spend the academic year in residence at the Center and take active roles in the life of the FCHI and in the intellectual life of the larger University. The Center also supports semester-long Undergraduate Fellows as well as Graduate Digital Scholars.

Conferences, Seminars, and Lectures

Each fall the FCHI hosts a reception to honor new faculty in the humanities and honors undergraduates writing theses in the humanities.

Throughout the academic year, the FCHI weekly Fellows' Luncheons offer presentations by Fellows in residence for the Emory faculty and interested members of the community.

In the spring semester, the FCHI hosts the annual Faculty Response Fora, an evening of dinner and discussion where faculty from across the humanities, the sciences, and the eight professional schools join roundtables examining the roles of the humanities in relation to contemporary events and topics of current concern.

Coordination of Humanities Endeavors within the University

In coordination with the Humanities Council of Emory College, the FCHI works to forward excellence in research in the humanities at Emory through new undertakings within departments and programs as well as cross-disciplinary initiatives.

CHIPS (FCHI Programming Support) offers modest grants to support interdisciplinary humanities events at Emory that are beyond the scope of individual departments or programs. CHIPS funding is administered by a subcommittee of the Humanities Council, the Advisory Board of the FCHI, to which applications are due in mid-October and mid-February.