Digital Humanities

Digital Publishing in the Humanities

Through the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Emory University offers publishing subventions to humanities faculty for the open access publication of long-form scholarship (i.e., monographs). Led by the Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, in conjunction with the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, and Emory Libraries, the Digital Publishing in the Humanities initiative builds an infrastructure that supports humanities faculty at a time of technological innovation and changes in the economic model of academic publishing.

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HASTAC Scholars Program at the Fox Center

2021-2023 HASTAC Scholar:

Alicia Doyen-Rodriguez is a doctoral student in the French and Italian Department as well as an ECDS intern at Emory University. Prior to her studies at Emory, she received a Masters in English and Comparative Literature from the Sorbonne- Paris IV university in Paris, France where she completed an ERASMUS year-long program at the University of Exeter, UK. Her dissertation "Women in Motion: Remapping Francophone Narratives in a Digital Space" focuses on creating new representations of space thanks to digital maps of fictional female characters in Caribbean novels. Her most recent work in progress explores the connection between land degradation in Guadeloupe and the oppression of female bodies.  As a HASTAC scholar, Alicia intends to design new digital pathways between mapping, teaching and literary analysis.

2020-2022 HASTAC Scholars:

Amelia Golcheski is a doctoral student in History. Her research examines women's caregiving labor in Appalachian labor movements at the end of the 20th century. Specifically, she looks at how women's unpaid caregiving labor during coal conflicts shifted to paid labor in caregiving professions as coal declined in the region. In addition to graduate work, Amelia is an Editorial Associate and the Social Media Manager at Southern Spaces. Prior to coming to Emory, Amelia received a Master's in Public Humanities from Brown University. As a HASTAC Scholar, she plans to create an archive and exhibit to document Emory employee's experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Brittany Landorf is a doctoral student in the Graduate Division of Religion at Emory University. Her work explores questions of Islam, gender, and sexuality, with a certification in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Prior to her studies at Emory, she received a Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and completed a Fulbright English Teaching Fellowship in Turkey. Brittany's research examines the co-constitutive nature of gender and religion, with a specific focus on masculinities, in North African Islamic mysticism. She is particularly interested in the interplay of textual constructions of gender and everyday performance, interweaving textual and ethnographic methods. As a HASTAC scholar, she will deepen her understanding of the ways in which everyday religious practices increasingly engage and take place in digital spaces.

Tyler A. Tennant is a doctoral student in English and the Associate Editor of Post45’s Contemporaries series. Prior to Emory, he received his MA from the University of Chicago, and his BA from the University of Oklahoma. His teaching focuses on queer/trans and literary theory, digital humanities, and the conjuncture of race, gender, disability, and class. His research interrogates the impact that algorithmic-based capitalisms, precarity/austerity, and speculative financialization have on queer/trans movements and becomings. As a HASTAC scholar, he aims to explore how digital pedagogy and research can be fundamentally reconceptualized through a framework of communal collaboration.