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Junior Faculty Work-in-Progress Seminar

Call for Participants

The Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry invites junior tenure-track faculty to organize a bi-monthly work-in-progress seminar, to begin in Spring 2022, focusing on research projects at any stage of development. It is hoped that the seminar, in addition to building community and serving as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of newly minted research and writing, will provide junior faculty with a congenial space to meet, network, and exchange ideas. Assistant professors approaching the fourth-year review, may find the seminar a useful venue to explore, conceptualize, and/or move forward on their possible second-book project.

The format would be as follows: two papers per session, pre-circulated to the participants a week before the seminar meets; each presentation to last one hour, starting with a brief précis based on the paper, followed by a response from a designated respondent, to be chosen by the speaker, then 45 minutes of Q & A. Speakers are encouraged to select senior faculty respondents at Emory or to seek external respondents, as a way of forging networks of interest within the university and beyond.

Presenters receive an honorarium of $1,000, with the expectation that they attend four bi-monthly meetings (two in Spring 2022 and two in Fall 2022). Emory respondents receive an honorarium of $300. Respondents from outside Emory receive an honorarium of $500. Please note that the Fox Center seminar room, where the seminar will convene regularly, at a day and time to be selected by the participants, is equipped for meetings in hybrid format.

Assistant professors working on a humanities or humanities-engaged project, whatever their field, are eligible to participate. Digital humanities and/or public humanities projects are also.

The Fox Center will provide administrative support at the outset to help organize the seminar, although the participants, after the first couple of sessions, will want to constitute an organizing and selection committee.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Colette Barlow (, sending a brief description of your topic (one paragraph), a short-form CV, and your contact information by November 30th, 2021.