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Each year, previous recipients of the Fox Center Faculty Fellowships offer short seminars or a public-facing lecture designed to engage a cross-section of Emory faculty and members of the wider community. These events may engage others in the academic community in the advancement of their scholarly projects or they may be designed for a more generalist audience, taking up a key figure or “keyword” in the context of a 4-part public-facing seminar.  Fox Center Keywords events have been generously supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

Keywords also include seminars or public-facing lectures focused on Georgia, generously supported by Georgia Humanities. Launched in 2015, these Georgia-focused Keywords events explore the spectrum of human experience across the state, including history, literature, politics, art, and commerce. Beginning with the seminar "John Muir and Wilderness in Modern Georgia," these seminars delve into the places, personalities and events that help define what it means to be Georgian. 

Space in Keywords events is limited, so please register your interest by contacting the Fox Center at 404-727-6424 or