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Recently Published Books

Books by Fellows in 2022-2023

Hollywood's Embassies: How Movie Theaters Projected American Power Around the World

Ross Melnick

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Dave Brubeck and the Performance of Whiteness
Kelsey Klotz
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The Racial Unfamiliar: Illegibility in Black Literature and Culture

John Brooks

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Words and Meaning in Metasemantics: Grounds for an Interactive Theory

Juan José Colomina-Almiñana

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The Politics of Speech in Later Twentieth-Century Poetry

William Fogarty

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Combattre en sociologues: Pierre Bourdieu et Abdelmalek Sayad dans une guerre de libération (Algérie, 1958-1964)

Amín Pérez

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Unruly Women: Race, Neocolonialism, and the Hijab (Philosophy of Race)

Falguni A. Sheth

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Obeah, Orisa, and Religious Identity in Trinidad

Dianne M. Stewart

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