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Resources for Emory Postdocs


Running out of steam with your writing? Looking for ways to jump-start your scholarly productivity in 2024-2025? 

You are not alone. Join with your colleagues and recharge your writing. 

Join the Humanities Postdoctoral Fellows Writing Support Program, available Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. 

The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence and the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry have partnered to present a semester-long program of remote and in-person writing support structures for humanities postdocs. Registrants may choose from four options: 

  1. Writing Discussion Groups (in which participants read and discuss one another’s work) via Zoom or in-person
  2. Writing Time Groups (in which participants gather in-person for writing time together)
  3. Writing Accountability Groups via Slack
  4. Writing Coach Message Service – twice weekly emails with practical writing tips and support, plus one optional individual 30-minute writing coaching session during the semester. 

A writing group can offer support, accountability, structure, and camaraderie for faculty in terms of both the process and the product, for writing across the range of types, lengths, stages of development, and goals. It can supply a welcome antidote to the professional isolation that often comes with the task of writing and, if desired, provide a source for constructive critical feedback on work in progress. Any writing project, whether it’s a book, a journal article, or a grant, can benefit from a writing group. 

The CFDE serves as scheduler and convener, provides support, and sends reminders and online group prompts. The CFDE also sets up email lists for each group to facilitate planning and communication between group meetings. CFDE associate director Allison Adams will meet once with each Zoom-based group during the semester. 

The writing groups began meeting in September for the fall semester in January for the spring semester. 

For more information, contact Allison Adams.